History Nakornnonthaburi

History of Nonthaburi Municipality

                    Nonthaburi municipality was elevated to the municipality level on the 14th of February, 1936. The municipality covers most of the subdistricts with an area of 2.5 square kilometer (according to the Government Gazette of 53, page 1196). Because of the development of the area at which is in the area of Bangkok municipality and its urban planning, sizing of 2.5 square kilometer and fully developed with housing in the area, the area needed better public amenities and services. It is also better suited in terms of government model for its social and economic acceleration. The municipality hence reported to the ministry of the interior to extend its jurisdiction to four other subdistricts, including the district of Talad Kwan, Bang Kean, Bang Krasaw, and Ta-Sai.


The office building of the municipality was originally a wooden structure with the original city hall (Nonthaburi Pier). Following the year of 1991, the municipality took a loan from the CAT Telecom Public Company to construct a new office building in the area of Ratthanathibet Road as the current operating office.


The construction began in 19th of April, 1991 and finished in 18th of July, 1992 with a total budget of 39,890,000 baht.

Municipality office building

Expansion of the Nonthaburi municipality jurisdiction

The municipality has requested for the expansion of the Nonthaburi municipality without heeding the public opinion as a special case. In the year 1986, the Ministry of the Interior agreed to the request and drafted the royal decree for expansion of the Nonthaburi Municipality in 1988.

On 25th of July, 1988, the royal decree changed the area of the municipality from the 2.5 square meter to 38.9 square meter, including 5 subdistricts (according to the Government Gazette of 105, section 119) of Talad Kwan, Bang Kean, Bang Krasaw, and Ta-Sai.

Elevation to the Nonthaburi City Municipality

Following 24th of September, 1995, a royal decree elevated the Nonthaburi Municipality into Nonthaburi City Municipality, effective on the 25th of September, 1995. (According to the Government Gazette of 112, section 40a, date 24th September 1995)


Emblem Symbolism

The emblem of the Nonthaburi City Municipality is the picture of the constitution of the municipality. Due to the fact that the municipality originated in Thailand during the change of the regime from absolute monarchy to democratic system in the year of 1932, the municipality hence selected the constitution as its emblem, not only because of the date of its originality, but also to uphold the principal of democracy in its governance.


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