Vision Mission Slogan


“Nontaburi, a pleasant city to live, people with high quality of live, excellent civil server and effective management”


  • Support good governance management systems as the organizational culture
  • Develop expansive infrastructure in holistic approach with urban planning and city growth as well as integration with related agencies
  • Develop communal environment within the city as a pleasant and sustainable city
  • Promote job creation and advocate ecotourism for wealth creation within the population
  • Promote and develop quality of life with the city in education, sports, recreation, public health and various welfare as well as preserving the cultural arts of the area
  • Develop public quality by focusing on human resource development as well as adopting appropriate technologies and innovations


  1. Development and promote public quality of life for sustainable income, good environment and public health
  2. Development good management structure and good governance by focusing on integration with relevant agencies and public participation
  3. Develop human resource for operational tasks through up to date technologies


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